Excursion has been moved – more info will be annnounced during fall 2021.


It’s time again for Akva to head abroad. The 2020 abroad excursion heads to Europe while traveling environmentally friendly with trains. The travel planning is well on its way and during the excursion we plan to see Copenhagen and its stormwater management, the green city Freiburg, mountain views in Switzerland as well as Dutch flood protection infrastructure and new wastewater treatment processes. You can see the travel plan on a map here. The excursion leaves from Finland Monday 17.8. evening and the excursion ends in Amsterdam Thursday 27.8. from where everyone can travel back to Finland as they wish. 

The official registration for the excursion is below. Current committee members have until Sunday 22.3. to register, after that the registration is open to additional people until 31.3. By registering, you agree to pay the first part of the participation fee by Friday 3.4. The first part is 100e and the total participation fee is max 350e. The final participation fee will be confirmed closer to the excursion by the committee members but the current estimations are below 300e. By registering now, you reserve a spot for you on the excursion and you agree to help with the organization of the excursion. Maximum of 15 people can register as participants, you’ll receive an email after 31.3. with the participation fee payment instructions to confirm your registration. You can still cancel before end of May if you need to and you will get your money. If you cancel after May, you may not get your money back. It may be possible to join the excursion after this registration if there are cancellations. 

The participation fee includes travel between cities, accommodation and the flight back to Finland (or equal amount of money for travelling back by land for those you so wish). The fee does not include public transport / travel within the cities or food. 

Due to the current situation with the corona virus, it is still unsure whether the excursion will happen. No money will be spent before we know better the situation with corona (=whether or not we will have the excursion this year) so you will get your money back in case the whole trip is cancelled. If needed, the whole excursion will be moved to a later time.

If you have any questions, contact Miisa Viiliäinen (TG: @miisav).

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elo 22 2022


08:00 - 18:00


Max 350e